Gobran Alexandra


Pourquoi avez-vous souhaité devenir membre à la clc et LEA ?

Gobran Alexandra Agency – I believe that being a member of the clc can only bring positive insight, knowledge and connections to wider perspectives and audiences that everyone can benefit from. I am honored and proud to be a member as of today and I look forward to the doors that this potentially could open up to for me and my agency.


Quels sont les services les plus intéressants pour votre entreprise et dont vous allez bénéficier ?

Any knowledge is good knowledge and with 11 000 businesses within the clc here in Luxembourg I am sure that I will have the pleasure in learning from them as well as having the opportunity to work with them in the future. There are lots of advantages for my agency to take further steps and to grow, equally to demonstrate our abilities and know-how in our industry and expertise.


Pouvez-vous nous décrire votre société et ses activités ?

Gobran Alexandra – GGM image is an artistic booking agency that provides event agencies, corporations, institutions and governmental bodies with talents/artists/athletes for different event solutions; from artistic performances, custom communication/marketing solutions and thus, social media digital strategies in association with specific image profiles.

The event performances and artists are exclusively booked through our agency. Our top demanded booking requests are together with BMX World Champion and Artistic Performer Viki GOMEZ, who performs artistic bicycle tricks and figures with his BMX bicycle. It is a sportive art form that is an exclusive and visual experience on stage that can be combined together with other art forms such as; dance (flamenco, ballet, jazz), music, photography, paintings and more. This performance fits perfectly for VIP Hospitality Events; awards, anniversaries, annual celebrations, product launches, summer parties, sportive events and much more.


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