[Webinar] Charging infrastructure aid scheme

In its National Energy and Climate Plan, Luxembourg foresees that by 2030, 49% of passenger cars registered in the country should be electric or plug-in hybrids.

In July 2020, an incentive scheme for charging infrastructure for private (natural) persons was established. It includes the « Clever Fueren » incentive for the purchase of electric vehicles and the « Clever Lueden » incentive for the installation of private charging stations.

In order to complete this system, the government is preparing to introduce a new aid scheme for companies investing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Two types of subsidies are planned:

– one for companies, which will be granted following a competitive procedure (calls for projects): this subsidy will support large-scale projects, in particular charging infrastructures accessible to the public, in order to accelerate the deployment of a larger network of charging stations and to increase charging power in Luxembourg;

– one reserved for SMEs, with the aim of encouraging them to make their own transition to electromobility as part of their economic activity.

A webinar, organised on the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning with the support of Luxinnovation and Klima-Agence, will present in detail these new measures and the advantages they offer to national companies.



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May 2nd 2022

10:30 - 12:00
May 2nd 2022

10:30 - 12:00