Delano: « Trade group clc elects new president »

The Confederation luxembourgeoise des commerces (clc), an association of business owners, on 1 June announced Carole Muller as its new president.

Muller is the CEO of the bakery chain Fischer. In her opening speech, Muller highlighted the need for a “determined governance to address the current crises and structural problems that heavily affect the trade, transport and services sectors”.

The new president, voted in unanimously by the group’s board of directors, takes over from Fernand Ernster, who was in the position for eight years. Ernster, who is the owner of the country’s biggest bookstore chain, in his speech on 31 May talked about the clc’s modernisation efforts. Ernster still works as the clc’s vice president, alongside Jos Sales and Jacques Lorang.

Tom Baumert since August 2021 is the clc’s director.


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