Delano: « Summer sales to end on Saturday »

For latecomers, the summer sales are in their final hours, as they end this Saturday 23 July after four weeks of discounts.

« We have moved from pandemic sales to sales in a difficult economic situation,” Claude Bizjak, deputy director of the CLC (Confédération luxembourgeoise du commerce ), told Delano’s sister publication, Paperjam. “However, we can still be satisfied with the summer sales.”

The CLC says it has received positive feedback from its members, « but it is clear that in the context of pressure on purchasing power, people are trying to get access to promotions,” meaning the most generous discounts.

This is reflected by Eric Santeramo, owner of Feel Good Group Capital, a structure that groups together 21 fashion boutiques spread throughout Luxembourg: « In my shops, the second and third weeks performed better than the first.”

Synchronised to stand out

The retailer also points to another disruptive element in the launch of the summer sales: the rise of private sales on the internet and the launch two days earlier of the operation across the border, in the Lorraine region.

« The sales are less and less of an event, » admits the shopkeeper, who nevertheless stresses the importance of the weather in stimulating impulse buying.


(Photo: Paperjam.lu)

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