Delano: « Opinions divided over waste management laws »

Luxembourg on Wednesday voted into force new waste management laws that largely ban single-use and plastic packaging as well as paving the way for a deposit system for drinks containers, but environmental organisations and businesses are divided over their effectiveness.

From the invoicing of packaging to sorting centres in supermarkets and the introduction of a deposit on drinks receptacles, the new waste management laws will have an impact on the daily life of the entire population in Luxembourg.

The legislative package

« The Mouvement écologique supports the ministry’s approach, which in some provisions goes beyond the EU requirements », the environmental activist group Mouvement Ecologique said in a press release.

On the other hand, the CLC and Flad, which represent businesses and food and drinks distribution players, say they are opposed to the in-depth overhaul of Luxembourg’s waste management system, and would have preferred a simple transposition of the European directives.

“Even from within the coalition, we have heard criticism and doubts about the effectiveness of the measures and the risk of a loss of purchasing power,” said René Grosbusch, president of the Flad, which represents 90% of the food trade in Luxembourg.

But the rapporteur of the bill, François Benoy (déi Gréng) said by introducing the new laws that exceed the requirements of the directive, Luxembourg is “taking an important step towards moving from a throwaway society to a circular economy.”


(Photo: Mike Zenari/Maison Moderne)

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