Springbreak opening session : „The Phoenix & The Unicorn“ by Peter Hinssen

Springbreak opening session

Thursday, March 10th 2022, at Luxexpo The Box, welcome at 6:00 pm – keynote speech to start at 6:30 pm

« Instilling a culture that encourages people to do things they have never done before is absolutely essential if you want to reinvent yourself. And leadership is key. We need to be thinking about how we are going to train the next generation of leaders. We need new skills, new attitudes and new tools and governance systems. If your company does not have a leader trained to run a 21st century organization it is going to be very difficult for your company to reinvent itself. »

Hear Peter Hinssen to inspire the essential changes in your company

Whether you are working for a startup or involved in a well-established company, you should definitely attend the keynote speech by Peter Hinnsen, acclaimed author, lecturer at several renowned business schools and Board member of several 1000 Fortune companies.

His speech and insights will certainly broaden your horizons and provide you ample food for thought to rethink the way you do things. How can you be resilient in an ever-changing world?  Peter will answer to this question and many others including yours which you can ask in the registration form.

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About the conference

“The Phoenix & The Unicorn” by Peter Hinssen


Unicorn start-ups are brilliant. But, let’s be honest, very few of us will start one, become one, or work for one. Most of us are connected to large companies that often struggle to keep themselves relevant for the ever-changing customer. That’s why this keynote is about a creature that’s just as magical but perhaps offers a more realistic inspiration: the Phoenix. These are the companies that – just like this mythical bird – are able to rethink themselves in cycles: time and time again they rise from the ashes of the old, and come out stronger than ever before. They are the Walmarts, the Volvos, the Disneys, the Apples, the Microsofts, the Ping Ans, the Assa Abloys and AT&Ts of this world.

About the speaker

Peter Hinssen is a serial entrepreneur, adviser and keynote speaker on the topics of radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business.

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[ONLINE] Informationsveranstaltung über den KMU-Fonds 2022 zum Schutz des geistigen Eigentums

Die Europäische Kommission und das Europäische Amt für geistiges Eigentum haben den KMU-Fonds „Ideas Powered for business“ für das Jahr 2022 gestartet.

Dieser Fonds richtet sich an europäische KMU und soll diese bei der Finanzierung von Patent-, Marken- und Geschmacksmuster-Anmeldungen unterstützen. Eine Erstattung von bis zu 75% der Anmeldekosten ist hierbei möglich.

In diesem Rahmen dieser Initiative laden Sie das IPIL und das l’Office de la propriété intellectuelle du ministère de l’Économie zu einer ersten Informationsveranstaltung ein.

Bei dieser Online-Veranstaltung erfahren Sie mehr über das angebotene Boost-IP Coaching des IPIL sowie über die verschiedenen Förderhilfen des KMU-Fonds 2022.


Weitere Information über den KMU-Fonds

Das Program dieser Veranstaltung finden Sie aud der Webseite des IPIL

[Conférence hybride] The new international tax landscape and its impact in Luxembourg

UEL, with the support of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, organizes a tax conference on “The new international tax landscape and its impact in Luxembourg” on 11 January 2022 at 2.30 pm.

This conference presents a timely opportunity to discuss the recent OECD proposals for reforming the international tax landscape, known as Pillars 1 and 2, as well as the upcoming EU initiatives to transpose these proposals and go beyond (with the ATAD 3 proposal and the publication of effective tax rate proposal, which are expected to be released by the end of December 2021).

The conference starts with opening speeches by the Luxembourg Finance Minister and an OECD official. It is followed by two panel discussions involving experts from MNEs, EU and international organizations to discuss the key elements of this new international tax landscape and their impacts for businesses and small open economies such as Luxembourg.


Das Program sowie detaillierte Informationen finden Sie hier.

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Präsenz- und Online-Seminar mit Simultanübersetzung FR/DE. Begrenzte Anzahl von Plätzen im Saal.


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