Delano „Waste bills package to be voted on Wednesday“

A series of five waste management draft laws is set to be debated and voted on in parliament on Wednesday 27 April, attracting Luxembourg’s trade confederation’s criticism.

Draft laws 7654, 7656, 7659, 7699 and 7701–if voted in–will heavily change the fabric of many businesses, with the production and management of packaging (7654), plastics (7656), waste (7659), batteries and accumulators (7699), and electronic equipment waste (7701) aiming to overhaul the waste management system.

While the package’s rapporteur François Benoy (Déi Gréng) defends the bills–he had previously argued that even recycling systems like Valorlux encourage waste production–the trade confederation (CLC) and food distribution federation (FLAD) on 25 April published an open letter criticising the project. Bringing up the current energy crisis and raw material shortages the industry is impacted by, they state that “the sector was not consulted before the bills were introduced”, and argues that though amendments to the bills were made after they were deposited, the package would impact the sector and not further improve the waste issue.


Written by Tracy Heindrichs

Photo: Christophe Lemaire/Maison Moderne

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