Delano : „Troc struggles to find second life as shop rents spiral“

Second-hand furniture store Troc has closed its Luxembourg shop after being pushed out to make way for a residential development.

The 1,500m2 shop has been housed in a small but bustling arcade of shops and eateries at 83 rue de Hollerich since 1998. It closed at the end of December after the landlords gave notice.

“We had a year’s warning,” Laurent Vergeynst, whose father managed the store, told Delano at the end of December, adding: “We looked at a handful of shops but they weren’t appropriate because they were too big or small or the price was too high.”

Vergeynst said he has real estate agents looking for a new site in the capital. In the meantime, he removed the remaining stock to the Esch-sur-Alzette shop, which his family owns.

(Journaliste : Jess Bauldry  – Photo : JB)


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