Delano „Dan Kersch under fire“

An open letter from clc, the federation of craftsmen and Horesca, and another letter sent to Xavier Bettel from AlliancUp, reveal strong feelings from the country’s independents and self-employed.

The presidents of the clc, the Fédération des artisans and Horesca have published an open letter to the minister of employment Dan Kersch (LSAP) about statements he made in a media briefing on Tuesday.

Fernand Ernster of the clc, which represents the grand duchy’s trade, services and transport sectors, Michel Reckinger from the crafts federation and Alai Rix representing the food, drinks and hospitality sector, wrote that: “independents, contrary to what you seem to believe, also run the risk of unemployment.” They were responding directly to Kersch’s statement that the only people who can profit from partial unemployment measures are those who are available for the employment market, which, Kersch claimed “most independents are not, and don’t want to be.”


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